Trimpex Union Ltd

was established in 1990 as the first private shipping agency in Varna. Since then we have attended more than 3500 vessels. Later the company’s activities included ship management, chartering and brokerage. From 1993 till 1998 Trimpex Union Ltd and NavBul jointly established and operated (later with the participation of other partners) the first regular Ro–Ro, passenger and container line Varna – Novorossiysk. The Company has managed vessels since 2004, mostly of general cargo, Ro-Ro, passenger and container type. In 2008 the total Gross Tonnage of the vessels under our management reached more than 50 000t.

Navigation Ltd

In 1991 Union Group JSCo expanded and diversified its presence on the regional transportation market by adding to its activities domestic and international forwarding and customs clearance by sea/river, road and rail. The company offers warehousing in open and covered areas and storage under customs supervision as well.

S trans Ltd

Established in 2005 as Sigda Ltd. later in 2016 reorganized as S Trans Ltd. A self-owned park of trucks and construction vehicles was acquired in order to enable the company to offer road transportation of bulk cargoes, heavy parcels, palletized cargoes etc. from/to sea and river ports. It also carries out stevedoring and tally operations, cargo securing, container stuffing and stripping, logistic solutions; it has demolished several plants in Bulgaria and has the capacity to build industrial enterprises. The company’s assets include own cargo storage spaces in the vicinity of Port Varna West as well as its own machinery for cargo loading/ discharging.


Union Group JSCo is a consortium of five companies acting in the field of international transportation. The main and the first company of the consortium was established in 1990 by Capt. Stoyan Shtarbakov and is known to be the first private shipping agency in Bulgaria. Later, in order to meet and fulfill the customers’ needs and to respond to the challenges of the dynamically developing shipping market the other companies have been founded. Throughout its history of over 20 years Union Group JSCo has built a reputation of a reliable and dedicated business partner ready to fulfill even the most complex tasks of its clients. Starting back as a shipping agency during the years the company presently extends its activities to include ship management, chartering, brokerage, Ro-Ro, passenger and container transport, etc. The company offers a full range of services for general, oversized, IMO class and heavy lift cargo transportation that meet and go beyond its customers’ needs. Powered by motivation and creativity our team creates the most efficient and unique logistic solutions.